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polar bears in space got printed at Design by Humans - get it today for only 15 USD via…

don't forget to check out my printed shirts at core3 - my own little appareal label!


motives avaliable:
Universal by deaddreamer Vultures by deaddreamer Black Earth by deaddreamer
I am contributing at the Design by Human Wacom Challenge - its a head to head tournament with a one hours timeframe from the moment you get the topic until you have to submit the artwork.

my piece:
Knowledge Is Power - Wacom Challenge by deaddreamer

i already made it to round 3, so its already only between eight contesters and would seriously need your vote: please head over to… and vote for my artwork via…

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Tue Feb 21, 2012, 8:24 AM

Agents of the Apocalypse @ DesignbyHumans

my design 'agents of the apocalypse'… got printed at DesignbyHumans! If you dig it grab it today - its only 15 USD instead of 20. get it here via…

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Fri Jan 6, 2012, 12:16 AM

Invaders Must Die @ Teefury

Today, and only today (Friday, 06.01.2012) my piece 'invaders must die' is for sale via teefury.

if you like retro arcade and/or space invaders head over there right now

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Sat Oct 22, 2011, 12:03 AM

good news everyone! i started my own apparel brand titled core3.

so far i have two limited edition shirts for sale, head over to to check out the motives and the shirts, or go directly to to visit the webshop.

this project took me quite a while to get it to where it is right now, i had the idea around spring/summer and have been working on it until now. please check it out and let me know what you think!

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Wed Jun 22, 2011, 5:24 AM

hello to everybody who is dropping in due to the DD - please enjoy your stay and feel free to check out my other stuff!

for further info about my artwork join my facebookpage via…

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Fri Apr 22, 2011, 10:10 AM

Where to vote for what - Easter edition

first of all, happy easter! here a little update where my tshirt desigs are being voted at:


Kafkaesque by deaddreamer

kafkaesque had a very good reception at design by humans; if you want to to me one single favour, go over there and vote for this design via…

Scatterbrain II - Brainstew

Scatterbrain II - Brainstew by deaddreamer

my newest deviation, scatterbrain II, a rework from my scatterbrain piece is up at 'a better tomorrow', a german tshirt site. drop by, vote for me via…


Maintenance by deaddreamer

ah, screw me, this one i thought would do a lot better, its also up at dbh via… - if you can help, its appreciated

Oh no, facebook

and yup, if watching me on deviantart or checking my page at you can also now like me on facebook via…

good times, good times.

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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Mar 6, 2011, 11:40 PM

Where to vote for what

so, here the current news where you can vote for my designs:

We owl the night

We owl the night by deaddreamer

My newest is currently up at Threadless. it had a rough start, where it almost looked like it will drop out of the voting withing the first two days, now i am on my usual average of 2.2 ish, give or take. you could give, though :)

Octopadiae Remix

Octopodidae Remix by deaddreamer

the remix of Octopadiae is up at Design by Hümans, so if you want to wear a crazy octopus/mermaid/siren, this would be your chance.

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre by deaddreamer

Danse Macabreis up at a better tomorrow , a german tshirt site - i hope its finds a home there.

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Vote for my designs!

the ones of you who are observing watchers probably have noticed already that i got into t-shirt designs. i find it an interesting, quite complex field with many, many talented designers in the game. all of these shirt competitions go with votings, so if you want to do me and my artwork a favour because i fav'd you, gave you a lama or you just find me irresistible charming and handsome, then give me some help

here the recent history of my designs and where you can vote for them at the moment:

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre by deaddreamer

I submitted Danse Macabre at Threadless, where it did pretty bad, it got a score of 2.25 out of 5. not that any of my designs got a higher score, this is actually my highest so far, but frankly, i expected it to be higher. i hoped for a 2.5 or something around that turn.

anyway, now i have Dance Macabre up at Design by Hümans, so if you liked it, please hop over there and vote for this baby.

Little Brother

Little Brother by deaddreamer

Little Brother also did rather bad on Threadless, but it was my first design over there where it got more then 2.0, so i was pretty happy back then.

now i have Little Brother up at Jinx, where people are discussing if the color combinations are good or if they make them throw up. so far i say its a tie.

The others

Dazed and Delirious by deaddreamer Curiouser by deaddreamer Novus Ordo Seclorum by deaddreamer Awakening Ignition by deaddreamer

are up on Design by Humans since ages, if you haven't voted for them - now would be a good time, like, right now.

you can easiest access the batch of them via my profile page at Design by Humans.

so, my people. make me proud :)

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  • Reading: Gary Shteyngart - Super Sad True Love Story
since my last journal entry was from 2008, i also might add a note and some shameless self promotion: i am getting more active with my blog over at - check it out via

i am also at the moment quite interested in tshirt design, so hopefully there will be more in this direction - stay tuned!
well, as usual, a long hiatus from DA, followed by an attempt to get back on the horse - i have a new fun project going on which is called AltCovers - alternative covers for cds that i love.

i thought for a while to do something creative in the community for a while now, and this seems like something that could be fun for a while. my idea so far is to release one albumcover per week, i will post them here and on my blog

i am also open to suggestions, so if you have an album you would like me to redesign, let me know (although there is no guarantee that i will do it in the first place, and secondly this is not a commision - i do what i like)

anyway, stay posted!
oh yes.

seems like i'm still alive, eh.

well, live's been busy, busy, busy.

last year my goverment decided that its finally time for me to get my ass to civil service, basically one of my worst fears came true - not that i did not intend to make it, but i did not expect them to take me when i am almost thirty. anyway, the damage done, i decided to bite the bullet and go for it. they stuck me into the red cross as a paramedic and after two months of training i was saving lives - well, not really, but doing my duties. carrying people around, running around in hospitals, cleaning ambulance cars and whatever needed to be done.

one thing that was clear for me from the beginning is that i would not give up my freelancing business - i have been working on it for almost three years to get into gear, so it was not an option to stop for a whole year. so i did two jobs now, getting up earlier, around 5am, then going to my paramedic duties, working for nine hours straight, go home and work as much until i would drop, this going on for an entire year, and believe it or not, i went though it - i finished end of may, and i did not reject one of my freelance jobs in this year.

big props go to my wife though, without her helping me and understanding the situation i would not have made it.
i've decided to flood deviantart with some stuff that i did in the last two years, not sure if its thats appreciated, but what the hell.

i'm not one to complain too much, but i never seem to figure out why some deviations get lots of favs and others just drown in the flood of releases here at deviantart - finding a scheme here is not that easy. mosst of the stuff that really get lots of favs is just crap, some are real gems.

its definitely not true that a deviation has to fulfill any artistic value to get lots of appreciation. anime seem to works well. exhibitionism. fanart.

good ideas? interesting concepts? not really.

well, you can't have anything.
well, since my last journal activity is already about two years old, i decided it might be time to overcome my anxiety of writing for a moment.

for anyone who is interested in hm. stuff concerning me, here some updates:

i'm still freelancing my ass off, still mainly cd releases.

labels i'm regularly working for:

i'm still brewing on my new webpage (basically discarding the one i worked on before) and now it finally looks like that the concept is a keeper.

i gave up on imagining release dates, though, since i work on it depending on my time that i have left next to my design jobs.

anyway, be on the lookout. its gonna happen :)
thank you all for the very positive comments on 21st century kaos. its greatly appreciated.
releases are slow at the moment, i am not in a rush with those at the moment, had plenty of work to do, but don't worry, i will keep 'em coming.
its maybe paradox to put a picture like release in the current events. anyway, there are always two ways to deal with the flow of events.

anyway, just to reestate my opinion: this war is one big joke, if i would act like america, i would just shoot you if i think you look dangerous. no wait, i will disarm you by a third party, then shoot you.

well, well. i changed location for a while, i've benn sitting in damascus for the last two weeks, and i enjoy it bigtime. strange city, but somehow you don't feel like a stranger.

internet is a bit of a critical topic, soooo slow, you can't imagine, but luckily there are plenty of other things you can do around here.
ugh. after browsing 3500 deviantart submissions to find something interesting, i created this (alterable) hate list of things i can't see anymore:

1.) photos of cats

     come on, even if your cat is nice and fluffy does not
     everybody needs to see those fat bastards.

2.) resubmitting the same crappy file over and over again
     with slight modifications

     i do understand that some people are worried that they
    are overlooked, but this is the wrong approach. finish a
    piece, maybe sleep over it, then submit it. might be an

3.) photos of eyes

     come on, everybody has two of those. yours are not

4.) photos of cats

5.) photos of cats

6.) photos of cats