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ddr0083 ship of fools by deaddreamer ddr0083 ship of fools by deaddreamer
you should know me by now, i'm normally not the one who
pushes political statements. now for the first time my
opinion about the state of affairs: the war against
iraq is wrong. not only will america bombing a land
with already so little infrastructure left from the
previous war, there are also other methods to overcome
hussein. but it is a know truth that america is not
fighting the war for the people in the middle east or
in iraq, its just for the sake of america.

many thanks go out to albert from subnet for the
decent photosession where this picture was made.

the other elements were either constructed in
photoshop or photographed by myself.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2003-01-23
deaddreamer is not an artist normally known for depicting his political views via his art. However, ddr0083 ship of fools is a grand change of pace that really depicts both his exceptional photography and digital art skills as well as his shrewd ability to mix in statements that are of great concern. This image wonderfully displays how the imminent war with Iraq affects everyone. (Selected by $jark) ( Featured by jark )
Stygians-Fool Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2005  Professional General Artist
And have a mentioned I love fools? xD I just wanna saythat, instead of voicing America to be bad, (It's not really "their" fault. Not all American's chose to have the war and many would probably be against it) it would probably be best to just say that yeah, the war is a bad thing. I'm not a Bush supporter but neither do I want to cause conflict. And I agree totally with your point that Iraq shouldn't have been invaded. Err...yeah.
Skeet Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2005
woah again
5Y5TemFaiLurE Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2003
i don't like political talking, but i agree with your point "war for the sake of america"- actually petroleum's sake and fear of Iraq being a gr8 power(some day).

they don't have the right to create a war for the peace of the middle east as long as everybody is fine,
Iraqies didn't ask america to fight for'em against Saddam Hussein, so they don't have the right to.
also, they captured Saddam 2 days ago (13/12/03) why are they still fighting there (they did what they want, they distroyed Iraq) so what's next remove the country of the world map?

i don't like war,
but liked your art :)
smoky Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
distortedvisuals Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2003
I really like the symbolisim in this, and i agree with your views +fav
7thsign Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2003
Well I cant agree with your opinion, and without Wars you would not be aloud to voice your opinion... The true sadness in all of this ( The War with Iraq) People just don't understand. America has never gotten a huge ammount of OIL from Iraq. There is more to it than that. Sometimes people should not only look at the world through the eyes of CNN. I don't know your education, but most people that think the war is about oil have no foriegn education, they do not understand the otrasities Saddam implaced on his people, on the Kurds, and on the Isreal people. Most people don't even know why a lot of muslims hate America. It is not because we are free...

A shit i am going into a world lesson here. Anyways, Great work amn as always.. It is good to see you voice your opinion. Without people disagreeing with war, America would look like a power hungry nation. With people like you, Everyone in the world against War will just HAte Bush :) (Smile)
jadugarr Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
It's still a good deviation though, and I respect your opinion.
jadugarr Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
Posted by ~silentwitness:
"Second, to the rest of the posters and to everyone else, I agree with Smellkid. Has it really been so long since 9-11? Does no one remember the gruesome pictures from Kuwait not but 14 years ago? The truth is that we arent going to war for them but for us and everyone should know that. We need to protect our interests in the area and to make sure OUR subways dont get gassed or another few buildings go up in flames.

"Time is like a waltz in 3/4 time, dancing to the beats of Peace, War, and Revolution." - Gundam Wing. Anyone who believes in anti-war is of in their own world and needs a big dose of reality."

I totally agree with you. Peace is an idealistic concept that is nice, but can be truly implemented only in fiction. As long as there are people, there will be war. And remember that it was Europe's fault, after WWI, for appeasing Hitler to try to avoid war that threw the world into a second world war.
orb-gettarr Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2003
To address the image.. very nicely done, and to the point...

Now I have a question I want to direct toward those who are both pro and con for this confrontation with Iraq..

Is it the common people who create wars or is it GOVERNMENTS that create wars?..

No one in this day and age should be naive enough to believe that this is being done with the good of the world in mind, to "save it from a terrible despot" or that it has anything to do with what's "right" or "wrong".. It is not the first time in history that the US government has done business with dictatorships... It's because Hussein refuses to jump through the little hoops that we set up for him that he's on our shitlist.. this is, in no way, stating that I am for Hussein either, but I think it ill-behooves us to point fingers at other governments for killing their own citizens when we are doing the same thing.. Doesn't our own CIA train people to be assassins and send them out to kill people? What makes us any better than Hussein in that respect? Or any other government that uses the same bullshit propaganda tactics and spy-versus-spy "intelligence-gathering" crap.. Smith vs Jones, they can't be in a better position than we are, otherwise we can't be "proud" now, can we.. We gotta be the biggest and the bestest.. bullshit!

As I recall, we bombed innocent citizens in Hiroshima and Japan during WW 2, all in the name of stopping the war, unleashing the horrible nightmare of nuclear holocaust..

Ask the Japanese-Americans who survived their trips to the "relocation" camps during WW 2 what they thought of our government's "generosity" then?.. Simply because of their racial heritage, and our paranoia we shipped them off to prison camps, even though they'd done nothing but immigrate to our country! Some of them even fought in the war on our side!!

Now we have this paranoia that other countries are going to get their hands on nuclear capability, and use it "irresponsibly"... Gee we wouldn't know about that, would we?? What makes our judgement so perfect, and who told the American government it was their job to police the rest of the world?

You know what this war is about.. Isn't it funny that George Sr started this confrontation in '92 with Desert Storm, and now "Dubya" is in office, finishing the job that Daddy started... and how many of you were aware that the Bush fortune comes from.. hrmmmm... ownership of oil wells in Texas?? Oil Wealth buying a presidency?.. Think it ain't possible?..Wake up and smell the petroleum, friends! Also, did you know that most of the oil reserves inside our own borders are virtually untouched?.. we drill wells, then cap 'em off and stack 'em!.. Why use up our OWN precious reserves when we can use up someone else's first?? And cheaper to buy, to boot!

Statements like the one "theguy" made REALLY scare me- to recap, I've cut and pasted here:

"Grow up ...your opinion simply doesnt matter..and this war would do more good then bad did you actually think the world was going to sit in limbo as it has for the last 300 years for the rest of your life"

Sycophantic fanatics like this we should fear almost more than we fear the leadership that's been appointed over us.. He's probably a law-abiding, upstanding citizen who pays his taxes, goes to church on Sunday, and watches all the news reports, reads all the papers.. and is too naive to believe that our government might actually LIE to us.. and it's not just the Americans, I'm talking about here, it's ALL the governments that stand to gain from this confrontation.. just look around the world and see who's spoiling for this fight the most..

If this war is not about power and money, then how do you account for the fact that for over sixty or seventy years, the automotive industries have actively suppressed the development of alternative sources of energy by buying up all the patents on new technologies that would free us from dependence on oil and deliberately SHELVING THEM TO COLLECT DUST?? Think they're not in collusion with the oil companies?.. We could have had electrically powered cars as far back as the fifties!!.. If we had actively pursued and developed alternative sources of energy when the technologies were being invented, we would now be free of dependence on petroleum products, rather than sticking our noses up the middle-east's ass where it doesn't belong.. (and despots like Hussein wouldn't have a market for their precious pollutant-producing product!!!)

Well, if you were an incumbent power whose wealth and authority was afforded by your control over the energy sources of the world, wouldn't you do the same thing in order to prevent yourself from becoming a dinosaur??

My point is this- war in general is wrong and should be avoided at all costs, and the only way to make steps toward the goal of peace is to SPEAK OUT AGAINST it.. in whatever fashion you can.. if it is not the responsibility of the artists who've been given the ability of expression to speak out about issues concerning the good of the world, then whose responsibility is it?? I say to 'theguy' and everyone else like him that your opinion DOES matter.. maybe not so much on an individual basis, but if you speak as one voice, all together, then it WILL matter.. you will be heard en masse..

For this reason, I applaud deaddreamer, and say good work! kudos, my friend, and speak on.. it's your right and your heritage!

danny- Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2003   Digital Artist
that's it..
maddmatt Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2003
I love the irony in this little protest.

Let me get this straight. We should be against a pre-emptive strike for stopping someone's actions that have not occured, right?

But we should protest and denounce the U.S. for actions of going to war that have not happened. right?

Try to understand the presence of power can dictate diplomacy. Just wait and see how this unfolds. If not for the same U.S. presence, Germany would still be east and west, with the east side wanting what the west has. Something to think about Wilhelm.
atrocitydesigns Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2003
I like the piece, very interesting. I just don't really agree with the message at all.

I think everyone needs to educate themselves on this subject. Watch a few documentries(sp?) about Saddam's rise to power, and how he manages to stay in power.

The thought that Saddam would supply certain terrorists with weapons of mass destruction is not so rediculous. Recently they threatened that if the U.S. took any action against Iraq they would "make september 11th look like a joke".

There are also articles out there that have evidence of Iraqs WMD programs. The purchase of chlorine and such wich is used in the creation of chemical weapons (nerve gasses, etc.). To say that this war is for oil is just rediculous, sure..that very well may be one of many reasons to go into Iraq, but if you think that it's the only reason.....well, I wont go there.

Another question: Why do I allways hear people on the anti-war side allways saying "There plenty of things that can be done other than war"...yet you never give us any examples.

DDR, I look forward to more of your work :) (Smile)
bomb3r Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
like how you have the flags blocking their vision. very artistic piece. it lacks the endless detail of all your other work but this certainly is capable of standing on it's own. and i certainly agree with the message. but this isn't america's war, this is bush's war. +fav.
silentwitness Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
First off, the pic is great and I love your new website, the flash (or whatever) interface is great.

Second, to the rest of the posters and to everyone else, I agree with Smellkid. Has it really been so long since 9-11? Does no one remember the gruesome pictures from Kuwait not but 14 years ago? The truth is that we arent going to war for them but for us and everyone should know that. We need to protect our interests in the area and to make sure OUR subways dont get gassed or another few buildings go up in flames.

I believe that people, especially Americans, can only see reality through fatality. I have family who lives in Isreal and I reacently sat down and talked to my cousin who was visiting. He saw some of the suicide bombers in Televive(sp) and he knows what reality is. Bush really has a noble thing going on by trying to protect us from another 9-11. People think life in dictatorships isn't as bad as it seems but I have 5 friends who were stationed in South Korea and on many occasions were sent into N. Korea for annual weapons inspections and its not all peachy keen like people want to believe.

"Time is like a waltz in 3/4 time, dancing to the beats of Peace, War, and Revolution." - Gundam Wing. Anyone who believes in anti-war is of in their own world and needs a big dose of reality.
smellkid Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Of course America is fighting the war for it's own interests. It's called rational choice theory. War is a tool of foreign policy and we're flexing our muscles, demonstrating our foreign interests and, hopefully, getting rid of a guy who deserves the name "Butcher of Baghdad."

No one is so naive as to think that we're actually going to war for the people over there. That's ridiculous.

Great artwork though.
wrexodus Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Time is crucial, and you have meant it in the best way possible.

Word up for the message.
artisticsnail Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
go you...i fully support statements that oppose the war. nice work. :) (Smile)
lumpie Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Photographer
First of all, its a great statement your making, and I think its about time that somebody did respectable art that represents the world's darkness these days. Weather or not its all media hype, Its the same horrible situation. I think Bush has gladly assumed position of "world bully" and feels he has enough power to take everyone on at once. (afterall- its not just Iraq, it is N. Korea too) And I just hope he looses popular consensus before he does something stupid/drastic. The world doesn't need another war.
votblindub Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
heh-heh, very nice
bobster24 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
This is awesome man, phreeeky.
aenim-a Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Photographer

otter1 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
great image... its dark and visually wonderful. good work.
dark-angel Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
very very well done. Scary looking jester.
cyanid3 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Hey, congrats on the DD. I couldn't agree with you more about the message, and the composition of the wallpaper itself is great. Love the atmosphere and symbolism, great job! Aww
drivebybiped Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
This is a great piece.
I totally agree.
The whole idea that we are fighting a war to oust Sadam in order to make the world a better place is complete propaganda. Bush is only interested in getting to some oil to help his corporate buddies and to score bonus points with daddy. Not to mention divert attention away from the economy he destroyed.

Anyway its a great piece.
I would love a print of this.

[No Blood For Oil]
bronze Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Im with you on the question.
(and i also think you get quite political ;) (Wink) on some of your stuff, or better, like you speculate or often make those little sick prophecys that hangin peoples minds :) (Smile) Its a direct approach and thats great, because as for myself, sometimes i hide the feelings i would like to show in my images which is bad. Thats one thing i admire about you, not having fear for feelings in paintings.
mmm remind me not ever to get near albert from subnet: he may try to sink his teeth on my neck just for fun
uberbechin Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
I agree with your statements and I think this piece depicts exactly the farce it all is...I'm not normally political at all, myself, but I have to say there is no need for war. I think the 60's will come back again if we do have war...Crazy
rosalea Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Very Nice
j-tech Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
man your right! actually i dont like what america is doing right now, and what they say about germany and france. All what they want is oil. but psss.... dont tell anyone ;-) (Wink)
modus Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
I agree with you totally... blah blah... bullshit.

I agree that America should not go to war with Iraq, BUT it's not Iraq that the US government and its allies are attempting to go to war with. HELLO, they're looking to oust Saddam from his pulpit of tyranny. This declaration of war has everything to do with the people of America and the safety of this nation. Do you just want to sit by and let this Iraqi dictator build up his "weapons of mass destruction" so he can utilize them on his own people (again) and neighboring nations. Do you want him to sell his experiments to terrorist factions that WILL use them against the US and whoever else they so choose (England, India, Saudi, whoever)? You can't tell me that this "threat of war" is merely for POWER or OIL.

Let's go back a few years. Saddam didn't like that there was this small neighboring country that had a great amount of oil that it was selling world-wide. Just so happened that the country also didn't have any real semblance of a military. Easy pickings for a power-hungry tyrant, right? If you think that Saddam should have been left alone to take over Saudi, then you're just as evil as that prick.

So, tell us, what would you do if you were the President of the US? Think long and hard before you answer, because it's nowhere near as simple as you think. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in his shoes.


As for the image, that is really well done. Very dark and disturbing. It does well for your point-of-view.

fidget Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Photographer
Fantastically well done! This is probably one of the best-stated "understated' politically-influenced pieces I have seen in a long time. Great elements at work here.

Although I disagree, and think its too bad that the only political opinions deemed "important" here on Deviant Art, and often elsewhere, are the commonly accepted liberal ones. Why they're even called liberal anymore is beyond me- they seem to be pretty damn NORMAL in our society.

Reguardless, this is a fantastic piece and you have carried your message well.
trik Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome job, but america is not going to war for nothing, hussein agreed in a peace treaty that he would not develop nuclear or biological weapons. You must look past the fact that you feel sorry for iraq, Hussein kills his own what, once he gets enough biological and or nuclear weapons, you think he is gunna spare you just cuz you are on his side? I'm sure america, britian, and a few other european nations would be his first targets. It is your opinion tho, and this is i will say no more about it.

Awesome job on the image , the whole compilation of expressional pieces and skill is totally awesome. gj pluz fav.
5xenigma Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
As I say, You can't have a war without a reason. Very nice.
t0maatti Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Media - to make you blind

one word

neliconcept Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
very good peice love the colors and the main points in it

in some ways i really agree with you but i think their are other points of concern other then just americas sake but good points really good points it states perfect reason

great job again
skabenya Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
This is so... weird. I don't get it at all. lol... maybe because I don't know you. What were you trying to say in this piece, there are so many mixed messages.
starrynight Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
i'm totally agree...with your point...
War is always causing war ever success not to cause sorrow...even independent war...coz war is about killing people...and killing people is about loosing someone... how the feelin of the family that lose their son,brother,friend,etc..etc....??
sad offcourse...and we all know that sad is the first thing lead to sorrow...

btw...your image is (Smile)
kuzminphoto Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Professional Photographer
i'm afraid i've nothing to add to the comments above... i agree with you totally & completely... and btw, good work! (as always) =) (Smile) +fav
artagra Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Photographer
Good piece
... infact really great piece, but really dark... but then war is dark.

Sometimes a necessary evil however? I can tell you that the situation in Iraq is a lot less black and white than the American and World Media make it out to be, and that the Iraqi people surely do not like their current situation.

South Africa
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Photographer
not only a great image, but i agree with you. and if it makes you feel better ,i can tell that most of europe does. we here don't see the attack necessary. at it's worst, it could lead to WWIII. in any case it will shatter economies etc etc.

oh well, u probably know :) (Smile)

the image itself is very dark and expressive, really nice PS work :D (Big Grin) i'm glad you expressed your view.
sugar Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
disturbing picture, but i really love it.
the message says it all.
the figure in the middle attracts all the attention, but when you come over that, you discover the deeper dimensions of the piece.

i guess i could just say "amen", but i needed to say more...
well done on expressing so openly your opinion in a place as full of americans as da.
(well i know some americans are against the attack at iraq, but the others are more numerous... Depressed )
kss Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
artists are the few ones that can express their own opinion and share it to the world "easily".
So we have to do it. and you did it :) (Smile)

When i came to the states 6months ago i could see how manipulated the american people are (by the medias) . a worldwide community is a luck for them (and of course for us) to get other point of views.
cyber-crash Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
I've always been a fan, but this is by far the best thing you've ever done.
It's fuckin' brilliant, congratulations. +fav
eilidh Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
I agree with your political message, and I think this is a piece well done (I have not seen more of your work, so I cannot say if it's technically better or worse). What I have to say in reply to previous comments, is that your opinion may have no great gravity, but voicing it through your art is your own right and I commend you on doing so.

I would also like to congratulate jark on featuring it today.
mercy Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
amazing and original ,congrats Nod
chinpau Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Interesting concept and very good execution, loads of symbolism and subtle design details, both conceptual and artistic. Very well done.

:) (Smile)

lagerea Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Grow up ...your opinion simply doesnt matter..and this war would do more good then bad did you actually think the world was going to sit in limbo as it has for the last 300 years for the rest of your life
vemisery Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Digital Artist
Awesome work, it would make a really cool poster i think. I like the colors, and the symbolism.
naivachlam Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Hoo boy, look at that evil jester, he's holding clocks, he's telling me that time is evil, and there's twice as much of it then i though, and hooe look at those strange faces, hooee, maybe they are causing tghe scary lightningsd, or it might be the evil lightnings of the mean jester of double time.

Hooee boy, it's like x-files going on there, and i mean the last season.
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